Nigeria’s 36 States and the FCT: Economic, Fiscal, Sectoral and Well-being Profiles

In furtherance of our quest to provide factual inputs into top level economic decision-making in Nigeria, Economic Associates (EA) is pleased to offer the November 2018 Edition of our Special Report on ‘Nigeria’s 36 States and FCT: Economic, Fiscal, Sectoral and Wellbeing Profiles’.

Our reports distil facts and insights on global, national, states, and regional economies. This edition includes:

  • Insights from States’ 2017 actual fiscal data, and

  • Country Outlook. Dealing with Cyclical Swings, Structural Shifts, Policy Hurdles.

  • Latest wellbeing indicators across states.

It should provide Subscribers with clearer perspectives on the relative distribution of economic opportunities across states and regions. This will provide them more concrete basis for setting measurable targets, formulating and executing strategies and evaluating performance.

This edition is in four volumes:

Volume 1. Country Outlook. Global and national outlook, risks and opportunities.

Volume 2. States At-a-Glance. Comparative analysis of the 36 States and FCT.

Volume 3. States A-to-Z. In-depth analysis of each of the 36 States and FCT.

Volume 4. Regional Insights. Comparative and in-depth analysis of the six Regions.

Volume 1. Country Outlook

Country Outlook provides decision-makers clear insights on unfolding economic realities and associated opportunities and risks. It also identifies actions required to ensure desirable outcomes in the future. It analyzes four themes:

i. Global Outlook: Twin gluts on the global scene- Global commodity glut that ended windfalls and imposed shortfalls; and, Global liquidity glut that fuels liquidity race among emerging markets.

ii. Country Outlook: Shaped by four distinct forces:

a. Cyclical Swings in Liquidity, Growth, and, Stability.

b. Structural Shifts in production and spending, and government revenue across States.

c. Hurdles limiting the deployment of fiscal, monetary, and investment policies.

d. 2019 Elections Likely implications of for economic and financial outlook.

iii. Headwinds: Threats to Country, States, and Companies.

iv. Tailwinds: Opportunities for Country, States and Companies.

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Volume 2. States At-a-Glance

At-a-Glance provides comparative information on all the 36 states and the FCT in an at-a-glance analytical format. By combining descriptive charts with analytical tables and narrative text, subscribers can assess the relative strengths of the states across economic, sectoral, wellbeing and fiscal indicators for crystal clear inter-state perspectives.

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Volume 3. States A-to-Z

A-to-Z adopts a state-by-state analytical format to provide comprehensive information on each of the 36 states and the FCT. By combining descriptive charts with narrative text, subscribers can x-ray each state, in terms of physical endowments and human resources, economic and fiscal activities, and challenges and opportunities.

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Volume 4. Regional Insights

Regional Insights provides comparative at-a-glance information on all the six geo-political zones alongside region-by-region analyses for each region. By combining descriptive charts with analytical tables and narrative text, subscribers can compare the relative strengths of regions to gain inter-regional perspectives and x-ray the place of the states within each region for clear intra-regional insights.

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For more information, please download brochure and subscription form, or e-mail, or call Nafisat on 0701 286 5439 or 0811 095 0602. To subscribe, please complete online subscription form here.

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  1. I will like to subscribe. I hope you share this article with both internal and external stakeholders.
    The decision makers, advisers that can influence things not sycophants and job seekers who will always tell people in Government what they want to hear because of being relevant and selfish interest. I call them AGI”Any Goverment ln Power” they actually contributed to our problems in this country. I know because I was in government for almost eight years as the longest serving commissioner for commerce and industry in OGUN State.

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