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Economic Associates (EA) and Business Day (BD) will co-host a one-day conference on ‘States and Regional Economic Outlook’ to deliberate on:


1. The Global and National Economic Realities that States must come to terms with on the external front, and

2. The Four Internal Fundamentals the Four Internal Fundamentals:

i. Economy. Getting the most out of their economies in a diversified but inclusive way

ii. Endowments. Finding investment to unlock potentials buried in natural endowments

iii. People. Ensuring education, health and wellbeing levels for a strong human capital base

iv. Governance. Finding the revenue to fund all the above in a sustainable way


The discussions will be informed by insights from the latest EA report on Nigeria’s 36 States and the FCT that have been serialized in BD. The conference will provide At-a-Glance perspectives (Inter-State, Inter-Region, and Intra-Region), as well as A-to-Z perspectives (Region-by-Region and State-by-State). Participants will evaluate the economic prospects of States and Regions from business and public policy perspectives and engage with peers from both public and private sectors.


Please note that this event is by prior reservation only; and all reservations are subject to confirmation by EA. Please visit to complete the online reservation form. For more information on reservations or sponsorship opportunities, please call Kristabel on 08025576094, or send an email to e-mail; or register online, or download a reservation form, or download the conference brochure.

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