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How 2023 Elections Will Reshape Nigeria’s Future

How 2023 Elections Will Reshape Nigeria’s Future

This is the extract of a paper of the same title posted on SSRN (Social Science Research Network). You can download the full paper (in PDF format) here.

One of the most spectacular developments in the 2023 presidential election is that a prominent leader of the democratic struggle is set to get a first bite at the presidential cherry, after emerging as President-Elect from the Presidential Election of February 25, 2023, after a twenty-four year wait since the return to democratic rule in 1999.

Four of the past six elections crowned rebranded former military rulers, and two crowned their handpicked successors, while leaders of the democratic struggle had to manage parties and parliament, with no influence over the president. This is the first time that a party will control both the presidency and the parliament since 1999.

This and other outcomes should create new dynamics that would reshape Nigeria’s future. A retrospective assessment of the extent to which the legitimacy secured at elections have translated to effectiveness in delivering economic outcomes provides a premise for evaluating how outcomes of 2023 election could reshape Nigeria’s future.

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