Economic Associates // About Us

What We do

Incorporated in 2004, Economic Associates (EA) equips decision-makers with the information required to spot and respond to evolving risks and opportunities in the Nigerian economy.


EA’s conferences offer rich opportunities to contemplate the future and gain fresh perspectives. Participants gain foresight on risks and opportunities on global and national horizons. They also gain insights on actions required to shape the future of the country, states/regions or companies.

Conversations at the conferences revolve around:

  • Global Outlook. Grappling with Twin-Gluts: Commodity Glut and Liquidity Glut.

  • Country Outlook. Dealing with Cyclical Swings, Structural Shifts, Policy Hurdles.

  • Mitigating Threats. Dealing with Country-Level, State-Level, Corporate-Level Risks.

  • Reaping Gains. Realigning National, State and Corporate Strategies to Reap Gains.


Our reports distil the main facts and insights on the global, national, states, and regional economies. We currently offer the following reports:

  • Economic Outlook. Distils insights on global and national outlook from our conferences.

  • 36 States and FCT At-a-Glance. Gives comparative information on the 36 States and the FCT.

  • 36 States and FCT A-to-Z. Gives in-depth information on each of the 36 States and the FCT.

  • Regional Insights. Gives comparative and in-depth information on the six Geopolitical Zones.


We provide advisory services to clients who seek to shape the future of the country, state/regions, or companies through closer alignment of their operations and strategy with the dictates of the latest insights on the economy. Our advisory services often involve:

  • Customized presentations on new economic perspectives.

  • Facilitating interactive economic insight/foresight/strategy sessions.

  • Collaboration to prepare strategy plans.

  • Collaboration to prepare other customized reports.

Our Clients

EA equips economic decision-makers with the information required for creation and/or preserving economic value in Nigeria. Our conference, report and consulting clients have included decision makers from a long and growing list of companies in manufacturing, trading, banking, investment, stock broking. consulting, professional institutes, federal and state government ministries, departments and agencies, multinational corporations, embassies, bilateral and multilateral agencies.