Economic Associates (EA) will host a one-day conference on Nigeria’s Economic Outlook on Thursday, 12 December 2019 at Radisson Blu Hotel, 1a Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, VI, Lagos. Discussions at the conference will focus on facts to be presented by EA on four sub-topics:


1. Global Realities: Widening divergence between downside risks to global growth/exports outlook and upside prospects of larger inward capital flows to developing countries means that strategic choices by governments and companies determine the relative consequences of these opposing forces on each country.

2. Economic Risks: For Nigeria, slow GDP growth will mean the bulk of growth will continue to be concentrated in only about six sectors, to the exclusion of the remaining 40 sectors that must also grapple with tight money, credit, equity, and forex conditions, double-digit inflation and interest rates, and multiple exchange rates.

3. Policy Risks: Revolve around the ease with which Nigeria can close gaps between budgeted and actual revenues on the fiscal side and raise foreign exchange supply and domestic financing thresholds to levels required to underpin faster and sectorally inclusive growth on the monetary side.

4. Opportunities: Strategic levers that can be pulled to seize big enough slices of increased inward capital flows to developing countries to compensate for the consequences of risks to growth and exports.


Please note that this event is by prior reservation only; and all reservations are subject to confirmation by EA. Please visit www.econassociates.com to complete the online reservation form. For more information, please call Maryjane on 08166871208, or e-mail info@econassociates.com; or register online, or download a reservation form, or download the conference brochure.


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* Registration for the upcoming States and Regional Economic Outlook Conference has commenced. Visit the reservation page to register.

We host a quarterly one-day conference on Nigeria’s Economic Outlook during the year, where participants gather to learn, discuss and share ideas about the prevailing national and international economic dynamics, which helps prepare them to take advantage of present and future opportunities.

Our conferences are primarily targeted at CEOs, executive directors, senior government officials, analysts, and diplomats; and are open for registration online, through the telephone, and via email.

Conversations at the conferences revolve around four themes:

  • Tracking global realities — evolution of twin-gluts: commodity glut and liquidity glut

  • Analysing domestic impact-points — cyclical swings, structural shifts, and policy constraints

  • Identifying unfolding risks — country risks, state-level risks, and corporate risks

  • Spotting strategic opportunities — realigning national, state and corporate strategies