Economic Associates // Our Associates

Dr Ayo Teriba, Chief Executive Officer

Ayo is the CEO of Economic Associates (EA) where he provides strategic direction for ongoing research and consulting on the outlook of the Nigerian economy, focusing on: global, national, regional, state, and sector issues. Ayo is a Member of Board of Economic Advisers in the Office of the Economic Adviser to the President, where he contributes to the conception of economic policy ideas for the country. He is a Member of the Nigeria Industrial Policy and Competitiveness Advisory Council, where he shapes efforts to ensure Nigeria’s industrial advancement. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Technical Committee of the National Council on Privatization (TC-NCP), where he highlights the links between privatization programmes and the macroeconomy. He was a Member of the defunct National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC), where he conducted periodic reality checks on macroeconomic, fiscal and monetary policies.


Before becoming the CEO of EA in 2004, Ayo worked as Chief Economist and Member of Editorial Board at ThisDay Newspaper Group (2001-2004), Faculty Member at the Lagos Business School (1995-2001), Head of Research at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce (1993-1995), and Company Economist at UAC of Nigeria (1992-1993). He has served as Consultant to many blue-chip companies, a host of federal ministries, departments and agencies, several State Governments, DfID, USAID, UNIDO, World Bank, and was a Visiting Scholar to the IMF Research Department in Washington DC.


Ayo earned B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Ibadan with Sir James Robertson Prize and Medal, UAC Prize in Economics, and Economics Departmental Prize as the all-round best economics graduate in 1988, M.Sc. Economics from Ibadan in 1990, M. Phil. Economics of Developing Countries as a Cambridge-DfID Scholar at the University of Cambridge in 1992, and Ph.D. in Applied Econometrics and Monetary Economics from the University of Durham in 2003. He is an Alumnus of the Lagos Business School (AMP 5).

Olly Owen, Risk Analyst

Olly Owen is risk analyst at Economic Associates, responsible for country and states political risk assessments. He was educated at Cambridge University, from where he received a first class BA in Anthropology, and the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London, from where he received an MSc in African Politics.


He previously worked as West Africa risk analyst for Global Insight in London, dealing with major corporate clients working in finance, energy and service industries, as well as governmental agencies. In addition to subsequent work with major risk management agencies, he has consulted for the International Crisis Group
and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and is a frequent contributor to media outlets including the BBC, CNN, Voice of America, and has written for the UK Guardian.


He has published and presented extensively on strategic and energy interests in West Africa, and on security and communal conflicts in Nigeria.

Alo Ehimiaghe, Analyst

Alo holds a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Hull with a CIMA prize for excellent academic performance, and M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Nottingham. She has completed a PhD in Development Studies at the University of Sussex.

She has worked as a graduate assistant with the University of Sussex and as a visiting lecturer at the University of Brighton. Her research interests are poverty, livelihoods, safety nets, and the macroeconomy.