In furtherance of our quest to provide factual inputs into economic decision-making in Nigeria, Economic Associates (EA) is pleased to offer the July 2017 Edition of its Nigeria’s 36 States and the FCT: Economic, Fiscal, Sector and Well-Being Profiles.

This edition includes new estimates of States’ 2016 GDP and sector shares derived from Nigeria’s re-based GDP series for the first time since the re-basing, insights from States’ 2017 budget, and 2015 well-being indicators across states. It should provide you clearer perspectives on the economic opportunities within the economy, and across sectors, states and regions, as well as provide you with more concrete basis for setting targets and evaluating performance.

The report is now presented in four volumes: Outlook, which provides easy-to-read summaries of the economic data that conversations about Nigerian economy focus on; At-a-Glance, which provides compelling comparative perspectives; A-to-Z, which presents analytical state-by-state profiles; and, Regional Insights, which
provides inter-regional comparisons alongside very detailed intra-regional profiles.

Volume 1.   Outlook
The Outlook report provides easy-to-read summaries of the economic data that conversations about Nigerian economy focus on. It will track the evolving roles of global economic trends, domestic economic cycles and trends, and government policies in shaping Nigeria’s Economic Outlook, and share new insights with subscribers
on an ongoing basis. This will make insights that are otherwise buried in complex data-sets become strikingly easy to relate to daily decisions.

Volume 2.   At-A-Glance
The At-A-Glance report provides a series of well-researched at-a-glance tables, charts, and narratives, across economic, fiscal, sector, and well-being indicators on all the states and FCT.

Volume 3.   A-to-Z
The A-to-Z report provides well-researched analytical state-by-state summaries of economic, fiscal and sector and well-being profiles with informative tables and charts and narratives on each state and the FCT.

Volume 4.   Regional Insights
The Regional Insights report provides a series of well researched at-a-glance comparative information on all regions, alongside detailed region-by-region summaries across economic, fiscal, sector, and well-being indicators on all regions in Nigeria.

You can download the composite brochure (featuring all four reports) or download individal brochures for Outlook, At-A-Glance, A-To-Z, and Regional Insights. To subscribe, download the subscription form or complete an online subscription form. For more information, please send an email to info@econassociates.com, or call Nafisat on 0701 286 5439, 0811 095 0602.


Economic Associates author economic-intelligence reports for businesses, government agencies, and organizations. These reports utilize well-researched data collected and sifted through tested methodologies. Available quarterly, our reports include States-At-A-Glance, States A-Z, and Regional Insights. These reports are available as one-time purchases or through subscription.

A brief description of each report is given below:


This report provides a snap shot of the health and viability of a given state at that point in the economic year.

States A-Z

This report gives a comparison of each state against a backdrop of benchmark variables.

Regional Insights

This report aims to give an introspective look into the economic viability and inter-relationship between all the six national geopolitical regions.

Published Papers

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